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Mike Trapp is a highly successful and fiercely competitive snowboarding athlete. He has competed for over 12 years. Ever since his first ride down the slopes of Saddleback Mountain when he was only 8 years old, all he has ever dreamed about is representing the United States Snowboarding Team in the Olympics.

He eventually became so good that he earned his place on the United States Snowboarding Team. As a member of that team he has amassed an enviable record of wins around the world. He is now in a position for that Olympic dream to come true. He will soon be competing to earn a place on the US Olympic team.

Most people don't realize that United States Olympic athletes have a distinct dis-advantage when compared to the athletes from every other country in the world. The United States is the only country that does not sponsor their own Olympic team. In other words, the United States Olympic athletes are largely on their own to raise the financing they need to be able to train, compete, qualify to be chosen to go the Olympics.

It is a long expensive and difficult road to qualify for the Olympics. Mike has worked 2 jobs in the off season for years to finance his quest to win a spot on the US Olympic team.

Mike has proven that he has the talent, desire, focus and ability to go all the way. If you would like to help Mike go the the Olympics please consider making a donation by clicking the donate button below. Your donation will be used solely for the purpose of helping Mike cover his expenses related to his quest to make it to the Olympics in 2018.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. We will gladly list you as a Mike Trapp Olympic Sponsor on this site, or if you prefer to remain anonymous we will respect your privacy and withhold your name.

Although Mike is a highly focused, determined, competitor, he is also a really good guy who has often taken time out of his gruelling schedule to coach younger snowboarders and support worthy causes like Riding on Insulin which supports kids fighting diabetes among others.

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